Top 11 Connectivity Management Platforms

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The number of active IoT devices is estimated to pass 25.4 billion by 2030. IoT (Internet of Things) devices are a standard part of daily operations for businesses in any industry. A majority of these devices are essential to maintaining business operations. Having a reliable and safe cellular network is critical for success, and loss of connectivity can spell financial disaster. Cyber attacks are equally worrying, as they may result not only in economic losses but also in leaks of private information, including financial data. 

IoT solutions don’t simply connect your company’s devices to the internet; most IoT solutions create an interconnected network made up of hundreds of devices. Managing IoT devices can be complex, especially for enterprises with large-scale operations and many connected devices. Multi-technology connectivity may be required, and other solutions that use different carrier options to support coverage for devices in new locations when devices travel. That is the case with fleet and logistics solutions. 

Businesses employing IoT solutions find themselves juggling multiple technologies, contracts, billing, usage, support systems, and the need to ensure security across their whole network. Managing the fractured connectivity well enough to maintain an operational IoT infrastructure is almost impossible. This has made it essential for businesses to employ the assistance of IoT connectivity management platforms.

What Is a Connectivity Management Platform?

Connectivity management platforms or CMP serve as a crucial link that connects your devices to the network and ensures that you get reliable access to your IoT data. The platforms are designed to reduce the workload of organizations deploying and scaling their IoT using a managed cellular connectivity service. The platform is essential for keeping devices connected to the network at all times and ensuring protection against cyber threats. Additionally, the right platform will also include powerful tools that increase the value and benefit you get from each device.

CMPs allow organizations to deliver high-performing, successful IoT projects while reducing the overheads of managing large-scale IoT connectivity. A CMP will do all this and more and even provide additional helpful insights and data that will allow you to optimize your existing deployment and improve future projects for a higher success rate.

Why you need a Connectivity Management Platform?

CMPs are essential for any company looking to deploy high-performing IoT projects at scale. Maintaining reliable connectivity to the network is a critical factor in the success of any IoT project, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of a CMP. Additional benefits include:

  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Collect data you can use to gain actionable insights
  • Get fast and secure batch activation
  • Detect problems in real-time
  • Enhance your functionality, convenience, and connectivity

The Top 11 CMP Solutions

As IoT has become inseparable from business operations, ensuring you can always maintain an optimal level of connectivity and manage all your business’s devices and deployments effectively. CMP is at the center of any well-run IoT network. But with the wealth of solutions available, it’s challenging to find the one that will best address your business’s needs. In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the eleven best CMP solutions for IoT enterprises:



Ericsson is a reliable IoT platform provider. The company’s platform gives users the means to streamline deployment, management, and scaling and speeds up the market process. In addition, Ericsson provides global cellular coverage. The system can be challenging to use at first. Still, the company offers customer training, simplifying the adoption process for mobile operators, regardless of their level of experience with connectivity management solutions.



Simplifying IoT connectivity. FirstPoint provides a comprehensive secured Cellular Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) that protects any cellular-connected devices from mobile network threats, as well as a multi-functional management platform to meet your business goals. FirstPoint secured CMP provides protection for any mobile and cellular IoT devices, reduces costs, and boosts operational efficiency on scale, while continuously monitoring, analyzing, and managing the connectivity.

The FirstPoint Secured-CMP platform enables organizations to manage their connected cellular-assets connectivity and security working policies and get real-time notification of any detected device threat or risk using its 24/7 SOC monitoring tools. The platform can support any use case and applies to all generation networks, from 2G to 5G.

The technologies enable service providers, MVNOs, and large cellular-IoT organizations to fully manage, control, and secure the connectivity of their cellular-connected devices for any operational use case. The solutions are fine-tuned for security-sensitive organizations, including enterprises, critical infrastructure, fleets, smart cities, industrial, financial services, governments, military, etc.




Nokia is a cellular service provider, and its offering includes IoT connectivity services. The system delivers secure local connectivity around the globe and integrates with existing systems while still being flexible enough to support scalability. Nokia has a pay-as-you-go business model and a simple setup for all businesses. 



Athonet’s connectivity platform is based on its Private LTE and 5G Core solutions and is designed to enable the affordable deployment of LTE and 5G wireless networks. The solution supports a variety of networks designed for various forms of use, including private networks used by enterprises and property owners, public, private, and edge networks designed for use by wireless operators, and networks designed for organizations involved in mission-critical operations, public safety, and defense.



Cisco offers an automated global connectivity management platform designed to allow businesses around the globe to manage connectivity. The system’s automated anomaly detection solution is designed to alert users to issues to avoid impacts on operations. Its smart billing capability ensures companies pay cost-effective rates for cellular connectivity by optimizing rate plans. Cisco also employs AI and machine-learning principles to keep the system running smoothly.



This solution places a strong emphasis on security. The system allows companies to deploy IoT devices by creating a private network, including private IP addresses, private network to multi-cloud, client-less deployment without VPNs, and making all traffic on the network visible. SPS Secure also uses an anomaly detection system to alert users of any anomalies detected in the network.



Nexign’s platform allows mobile operators to use IoT technology without the inherent hassle. The system’s primary capabilities include SIM, device, cost, channel management, and security and reports capabilities, allowing operators to know what goes on in the network. In addition to its basic capabilities, the system also offers a few value-adding services such as fraud detection, geo-fencing, monitoring, and diagnostics.



Pelion combines its IoT connectivity service platform with device management and provides users with all the services they need to stay connected and manage their IoT devices. In addition, the platform offers the security and infrastructure required to meet regulations. The platform ensures that companies remain connected to the network and that the connection itself remains secure.



JT IoT aims to provide an IoT connectivity management platform that addresses the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to established providers. The platform solves some deployment and operational challenges companies operating IoT networks face. The company’s Nomad platform is designed to decrease operating costs, promote security, and increase data value. The platform also has a streamlined troubleshooting system and provides analytics that users can use to gain more insights.


EsEye’s platform helps companies maintain connectivity by switching between different service providers. The central platform offers global services that give companies control over IoT deployment and enables the flexibility to scale the system to meet the growing needs of the business. EsEye also provides tools and solutions that streamline IoT management and remove the complexity of juggling various IoT channels. Its services range from SIM provisioning and activation to single-point billing and configurable alerts and reports.



Soracom’s platform is a CMP solution designed to help businesses manage their entire IoT network, from SIM lifecycle to automating event handling. The platform uses serverless data storage to maintain security, and APIs make the system intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the platform addresses the challenges companies face when deploying IoT systems at scale, helping maintain control over an extensive network of connected devices. The platform also addresses the needs of companies employing a blended network of IoT devices, providing secure network coverage regardless of the devices’ location.


It’s important to note that ensuring the CMP can support and manage a wide range of devices at both an individual and collective level allows you to manage deployment and future operations effectively.

Finding a connectivity management platform that meets your business’s needs is essential to maintaining a high level of connectivity and ensuring optimal business performance. Companies need to consider how resilient their connectivity is and protect against cyberattacks. FirstPoint’s connectivity management platforms come integrated with cybersecurity tools that protect all your connected devices against the most popular IoT attacks. It covers all networks, from 2G to 5G, and works on a network level, spotting vulnerabilities and potential threats before they can impact your business. With the growing number of cyber threats and the disastrous impacts, they can have on your business, investing in reliable security tools will prove invaluable. 

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