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Military-grade, patented protection against rogue base stations

Ensure Nothing is Standing Between Cellular Devices and Secure Communications

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What’s the Threat?

Cellular devices are on a constant search for the strongest connection, taken from nearby cell towers. Every device has a unique identifier, confirmed via its IMSI, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity, which the network uses to provide service. But it also gives attackers a foothold to start an attack . Foreign governments, private investigators, and hackers are on the prowl for this information.  

By intercepting the connection between your subscriber devices and the cell tower, an attack can fly entirely under the radar, and hackers have free rein to intercept sensitive communications, track the location of any given cellular device, or launch DoS attacks that block or overwhelm connectivity, all without leaving a trace

imsi catcher

Call them Stingrays, call them IMSI catchers, call them rogue base stations, call them fake BTS, call them fake cell towers, or call them Man-in-the-Middle attacks… Your top priority is ensuring that your subscribers or your organization never need to know what they’re called in the first place.

FirstPoint network-based cellular security is the only effective B2B solution for this threat, providing holistic protection for both mobile and IoT.

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Network-level security

FirstPoint is ready to act before the cellular device is connected. With a secured overlay network that runs alongside the MNOs network and a SIM-based applet– suspicious communications are blocked on sight.

No user intervention necessary

Many security solutions rely on users updating hardware or software, or spotting the first signs of malicious intent. FirstPoint acts behind the scenes, allowing your users to interact with their devices as usual, with ultimate peace of mind. Protection is both proactive and reactive, adaptable to the organization’s threat-sensitivity level.

No impact on cellular devices

 As FirstPoint runs at the network level, it never touches the device itself. No impact on battery life, no heavy toll on performance or speed, and your subscribers can upgrade their devices without downgrading on security.

management console for full visibility and control

Holistic visibility and control

 One central console to view all devices, including the suspicious communications that are immediately alerted on and blocked. See everything with a single pane of glass, and customize policy by scenario, group, device type, or user.

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