IMSI catcher/MiTM detection & protection

Identify and protect against denial of service attacks on all cellular devices

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Protect Cellular Devices from Fake Cell Tower Attacks

Fake cell towers, aka IMSI catcher detectors, aka rogue base stations, aka Stingrays. Whatever the name, the damage is the same: they “trick” devices into connecting to their fake network, cutting off any service and enabling hackers to insert malware, phish, snoop or track --without user knowledge.

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iot 360 cyber protection

Obtain 360 protection from cellular denial-of-service and man-in-the-middle attacks

Protect from IMSI catcher and fake cell tower
attacks with “always-on” network-based security.

IoT device monitoring

Monitor all devices on your network from a single dashboard

Track, alert, and protect any SIM/eSIM based device, anywhere, from one central console. Customize security per policy, scenario, location or custom grouping.

great user experience

Provide users with a hassle-free, secure experience

Keep users happy with simple implementation, requiring no installation, no slowdowns, no battery/performance impact.

Get the only solution proven to protect from fake cell tower and MiTM attacks

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