Network-level Cybersecurity
for Holistic Protection of
Cellular Enterprise Devices

Mitigate the risk of BYOD, and add a single line of defense that
protects any employee device communication, from mobile to IoT.

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Cellular attacks are getting smarter, and your business communications might not be as protected as you think they are

Increasingly, hackers are taking advantage of the growth in remote working, BYOD policies, and the move to include IoT devices into everyday business life. With so many entry points to protect, vulnerabilities are impossible to spot as quickly as they occur. In the last few years alone, organizations are dealing with the consequences of huge data breaches via IMSI catchers that use fake cellular antennas, Denial of Service attacks via IoT, geolocation tracking, and DNS attacks. And it all starts with any single device.

The only answer is to protect at the network level

routing cellular signalling and data traffic through its own secured network, where malicious activity can be detected and blocked in real-time. Employee devices can be provided with a SIM-applet for advanced on-device security, and complete network anonymity, even when roaming, or working from home. No software or unique hardware, just register the company devices that you want to protect. Easy as that.


Any SIM or eSIM-enabled device is protected with ease, the only future-proof solution


Overcome vulnerabilities from 2G-5G, all detected, alerted to, and blocked in real-time.

No impact on performance

Allow your staff to use their devices as usual, with full insight into suspicious behavior, from mobile to IoT

Seamless integration

Works alongside existing mobile or IoT security, MDM solutions, VPNs, private APN, or secured hardware.

great user experience

Securing unprotected cellular devicesProtect against network vulnerabilities and all cellular threats

Other security solutions might solve a specific problem, the way a firewall might catch a malicious SMS message to a mobile phone, or on-device security software could protect data held by an IoT device. However, only FirstPoint secures across the board, including advanced threats such as fake signal towers and IMSI catchers with our unique, patented solutions. In addition, FirstPoint protects any and all types of devices, giving you full organizational protection for every employee device from a single platform, from mobile phones through to IoT.

Roll out airtight mobile security across your organization

Does your company have a Bring Your Own Device policy? Many do, and yet protecting a limitless range of device types, operating systems, models and ages can be a tall order for any organization. In contrast, if you enforce a specific company device, how will you keep up to date on patches, or handle new attack patterns as they arise without impacting business continuity? FirstPoint protects at the network level, allowing seamless security for any device, type, model, or age – from the mobile network itself.

Add IoT security from the start when launching value added services

As businesses around the globe move into the world of IoT, your staff take responsibility over new and emerging devices. Think fleets that utilize connected cars, healthcare practices or agricultural companies that are improving their business model by using IoT sensors, or utility providers that are changing the game with anything from connected meters to entire smart city solutions. Your business devices could be your weakest link, unless you add protection and prevention at the network level, at the earliest possible stage.

Avoid employee frustration and protect user-experience

Allow your employees to utilize whatever devices they choose, without worrying that someone is opening up your environment to unseen risk or threat. Security demands can cause frustration and hassle for staff, and in some cases you might find that they skip necessary safety precautions altogether. On top of this, heavy security technology can slow down devices, negatively impacting user experience overall. The FirstPoint solution is invisible, making adoption entirely seamless.

Benefit from centralized visibility and control

From the FirstPoint centralized management platform, your CISO has access to organization-wide cellular insights through a single pane of glass. The platform integrates with any SIEM, and provides real-time alerts and insights into the security of all cellular devices. The flexible policy engine means that rules can be set by device types, users, groups or scenarios, What does that mean in practice? Your organization has a turnkey solution for any use case.

Ready to level up your enterprise security solution? We offer a wide range of customizable solutions, from white-labeling the technology, to managed services.

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