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Cellular attacks are getting smarter

With so many entry points to protect, vulnerabilities are impossible to spot as quickly as they occur. In the last few years alone, IoT enterprises have dealt with the consequences of massive data breaches and attacks via IMSI catchers that use fake cellular antennas, DoS attacks via IoT devices, location tracking, DNS attacks, and more. Enterprises may have hundreds of thousands of devices - and it all starts with just one.

Simplifying ​IoT connectivity ​

FirstPoint’s Secured Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) allows you to make granular policies for your IoT devices by group or device at the network level. You set the guidelines. We provide the automation, connectivity, reliability, and unparalleled security you need to maintain your IoT device velocity.


Any SIM or eSIM-enabled device is protected from 2G-5G


Overcome vulnerabilities; all detected, alerted, and blocked in real-time.

Full control

Network slicing, roaming control, and full e-SIM and multi-IMSI management.

Seamless integration

No installations or updates, with a rich API and simple to use GUI

great user experience

Add IoT security from the start

As businesses around the globe move into the world of IoT, your IoT devices could be your weakest link unless you add protection and prevention at the network level at the earliest possible stage. With anything from connected meters to entire smart cities, you need a solution to manage and protect your IoT devices.

Protect against network vulnerabilities and all cellular threats

Our network-based cybersecurity is configured from inside the Connectivity Management Platform, protecting against fake cell tower attacks such as IMSI catchers and man-in-the-middle. Block signaling attacks that attempt location tracking, protect against SMS attacks like phishing, and ensure full cellular IP-data attack protection. This includes support to block APN redirection, DNS manipulation, and malware or trojan connectivity with the most comprehensive security for cellular IoT devices in the market.

Simplify logistics and business operations

Add connectivity from any MNO, or quickstart your connectivity journey with pre-negotiated contracts from various operators. No matter what, you’ll never experience operator lock-in, giving you the freedom to choose the network that provides the best availability and SLA for your needs. With no installations or updates, and zero impact on latency, battery life, or performance, FirstPoint keeps your IoT running smoothly, with airtight security behind the scenes. As the platform is totally self-serve and configurable, you’re always in control.

Get granular about connectivity use cases

FirstPoint offers flexible and advanced technology to meet any IoT enterprise need. Use Network Slicing to meet new use cases instantly, creating a virtual slice with its own specific requirements to meet connectivity, security, and privacy goals. Continually monitor, analyze and manage your connectivity, per group or per device, making smart changes on the fly to optimize cost and availability, selecting the right network and operator to solve the right use case

Benefit from centralized visibility and control

With FirstPoint’s Secured CMP, CISO and their team have access to organization-wide cellular insights through a single pane of glass. The platform integrates with any SIEM and provides real-time alerts and insights into the security of all cellular IoT devices. The flexible roles and policies can be set by device types, users, groups, or scenarios. What does that mean in practice? Your organization has a turnkey solution for any use case.

Ready to level up your enterprise security solution? We offer a wide range of customizable solutions, from white-labeling the technology, to managed services.

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