Simplifying and securing IoT Connectivity and Device Management

FirstPoint delivers a complete 2G-5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT compliant mobile network core with an advanced secure connectivity management platform that processes, streamlines business functions, automates routine back-office operations, generates real-time security alerts and creates a more efficient and productive network environment.

System Modules

Our S-CMP layer:

  1. The Network Edge layer comprises essential radio interfacing components, such as MME (Mobility Management Entity) and SGW (Serving Gateway). These components are crucial in Private Networks, enabling seamless connectivity within cellular network.
  2. The Mobile IoT Core Layer incorporates native scalable cellular core components that support a wide range of technologies, including 2G-5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M. This layer also facilitates Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for updating the SIM and SIM Applet settings and supports SIM/eSIM device connectivity.
  3. The business Processes layer houses critical components. The Data Processor acts as the central hub, synchronizing all platform elements, tracking system events, managing CDRs (Call Detail Records), and generating platform alerts. Additionally, the vRouter efficiently processes packets between the core and the Internet, offering customers their own virtual router with customizable IP network configurations and security policies.
  4. The Mobile Web Services Layer provides a user friendly interface for the platform owners and for the customers.The customer portal component offers  an easy and simple to use at scale means to manage the IoT devices connectivity, granting customers control over their specific slice of the mobile network. The Restful API provides extensive functionality, enabling seamless integration with customer management tools and systems.

Together, these layers and components form our S-CMP, delivering a comprehensive and secure connectivity management solution.

Security by default

Uncompromised security

Full Control by Enterprise IT

Full control over each device by organization security policies and guidelines

Central Data Protection Hub

A central security hub that detects and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, supports IMEI lock and more

Automated Alert Engine

Create alerts based on signaling or operational event and trigger automated corrective actions

Trusted Devices

Monitor and enforce proper device connectivity/ behavior and detect anomalies

Fortifying IoT Networks with Multiple Layers of Security for Ultimate Protection

FirstPoint delivers a complete 2G-5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT compliant mobile network core

Scalable mobile network core to support SIM/eSIM device connectivity

Fast and simple deployment with no technical expertise required

Telco-grade network security protection from cyber attacks

Built-in automated business processes and low Total-Cost-of-Ownership

Step One:

With no need for onboarding new hardware or software solutions, FirstPoint’s S-CMP can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, in one main site or in mains sites and local edges, allowing your device communications to be routed through a secured network, regardless of device age, type, or location.

Step Two:

Register the devices that you want to protect, and malicious activities will be detected, alerted on, and stopped, in real-time. Enhanced SIM security can be added or updated through OTA updates, or included with a new SIM, providing network anonymity from the outset.

Step Three:

Your subscribers handle their devices as usual, with zero impact on performance, and no action needed on their part. Behind the scenes, the CISO has full management and control from a centralized online management platform, complete with device or group-level security and notification policies.


The FirstPoint solution offers seamless integration capabilities across various layers, enabling smooth collaboration with network providers and customer tools. Here’s how our solution supports easy integration:
1. GSMA Compliance: Our solution fully adheres to GSMA cellular standards, ensuring compatibility and integration with any network provider’s access and core.
2. Device Agnostic SIM Applet: To address the complexity of integrating diverse IoT devices, we provide a device agnostic SIM applet targeted to increase security and ensure optimal connectivity.
3. It supports over the air (OTA) SIM and SIM Applet updates as well as remotely SIM profile updates.
4. Rich API Integration: We provide a comprehensive API that offers extensive functionality, making integration with your organization’s IT systems seamless and efficient. This API enables easy integration with enterprise management front-end systems, allowing you to manage device policies and configurations as easily as you would with common office facilities. This streamlined integration empowers you to efficiently manage your IoT devices within your existing IT ecosystem.

Ready to level up your Enterprise IoT Connectivity solution? We offer a wide range of customizable solutions, from white labeling the technology to customized policies, APIs and Web Hooks.

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