FirstPoint Mobile Guard:
Cellular Cybersecurity for Mobile IoT Devices

Seal all Mobile IoT devices against new and evolving cellular threats
Deliver continuous, seamless protection for any SIM-based device, anywhere

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Always-on IoT devices present serious security concerns. Hackers leverage cellular network vulnerabilities to attack national infrastructure, steal water/energy and payment terminal passwords. No solution has ever detected attacks, or protected devices from these threats. Until now.


FirstPoint Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides continuous, total, network-based protection from new and emerging threats for any system, any make, model, OS, or version, anytime, anywhere. Easy to deploy and manage, FirstPoint is always updated and totally seamless to devices; no special hardware/software needed. Fit for any mobile network connectivity including NB-IoT, LTE-M, eMBB, mMTC, URLLC.

Streamline IoT device adoption

Increase trust, Fits any use case, Deploys in minutes.

360 protection

No more cellular
 network threats, Real-time visibility, Connectivity control.

Simple, scalable

Any cellular device, 2G-5G, Via device or gateway, Static/roaming, Quick, infinite scaleup.

No performance hits

No SW or special HW, Invisible to CPU, Maintains battery, No slowdowns, Always up to date

protect all iot devices

Mobile IoT Cyber Security

Securing mobile IoT devices from attacks


Connected cars, smart cities, smart lighting, payment terminals, surveillance cameras are almost impossible to secure: each has its own device constraints.


FirstPoint’s network-based security is an agnostic cybersecurity-as-a-service.

FirstPoint protects any device, any model, OS or version from cellular network attacks.

Tailor our cybersecurity services to meet your needs

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