A Single Solution for Cellular IoT Device Cyber Security

Eliminate device manipulation and protect sensitive data,
with a holistic mobile network-based approach that increases trust,
from 2G to 5G. 

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FirstPoint delivers seamless, scalable IoT protection for any SIM-based device, both in public networks, and private mobile networks.

Mass IoT adoption is poised to change every industry under the sun. However, IoT devices are not the same as mobile phones, and have their own security considerations. Via IoT, hackers can more easily move unseen into an organization’s network, and gain a foothold to attack national infrastructure, or leverage network vulnerabilities to steal data, launch denial-of-service or DDoS attacks, track device locations or manipulate device operations.. No solution has ever detected attacks ahead of time, or protected devices from these threats. Until now.


FirstPoint Cybersecurity-as-a-service provides continuous cellular protection from new and emerging threats in the IoT arena. Easy to deploy and manage, FirstPoint works at the network level, automatically detecting, alerting on, and blocking suspicious communications for each and every device. The on-device SIM applet takes this protection further, ensuring battery life and latency remains intact.


Roll out your network as far as you need, all devices with mobile connectivity will be protected.


Any device from 2G -5G and beyond, protecting at the network level makes us ready for anything

Seamlessly scalable

Protect the most sensitive IoT use cases, from, energy to healthcare, scaling as necessary.

Centralized visibility

Manage all your devices from a single platform, with no impact on operations.

protect all iot devices

Speed up time to value for IoT services

Widespread IoT services are already making waves across industries, and the emergence of 5G will only increase the pace of change. However, there’s no denying the fear around security, and how it’s inhibiting the ability for organizations to see profit. Many organizations are holding their breath, waiting to see what hardware, software or use cases they might need before they deploy IoT, worried about a wasted investment. However, protecting at the network level means protecting against any eventuality, providing your subscribers with the peace of mind that they need to jump on board.

Handle industry-specific constraints

IoT for healthcare is not the same as IoT for smart cities, to name just one single example. Parking terminals may need to be immune to attacks that go after credit card details, while Smart City traffic lights must be focused on ensuring hackers can’t gain a foothold to manipulate operations and infrastructure. Medical device manufacturers’ top priority is ensuring that there is no risk to human life, while agricultural IoT may be concerned specifically with accuracy. The use cases are countless, but your security solutions don’t have to be. FirstPoint is a single provider for all your IoT security.

Critical infrastructure needs
a tight, yet flexible, cover

When it comes to mission-critical services in industries such as Energy, Water, Gas and Oil, IoT organizations need a system in place for continuously monitoring and assessing devices. These industries have specific requirements, and may run on private networks as well as public. To keep incisive visibility and control, FirstPoint offers a centralized management system across any ecosystem, including the ability to drill down to group-specific security policies that meet organizational demands, down to a single device. This results in the most flexible possible security solution that’s ready from day one to meet any use case.

Secure against IoT-only threats

IoT-specific attacks can drain battery life and directly reduce the lifespan of IoT deployments, or go after IoT network vulnerabilities to gain a foothold to access sensitive IoT customer data. Unawares, your IoT devices could become a gateway to access the rest of your network, or an entry point to launch DDoS attacks or other exploits. New attacks include ToRPEDO threats, where attackers can isolate the location of your devices, impersonating or stealing owner identity. Your business might be ready for IoT use cases, but are your defenses?

Our tiered cyber security solutions for IoT service providers can be white-labeled, offered as a VAS, or deployed as a courtesy solution. Want to learn more?

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