Unlocking IoT Potential: Empowering Telcos and MVNOs

The growing deployment of IoT devices across the enterprise creates many challenges for CIOs and IT Managers. These challenges include complex connectivity and device management, vulnerability of their customers’ devices to security risks and threats, lack of network visibility, control and customization options and the ability to let their customers to self manage their devices connectivity.

FirstPoint ensures seamless and scalable protection for your customers IoT devices

With the rise of IoT adoption, unique security threats arise. Hackers can exploit IoT devices to infiltrate networks, target infrastructure, steal data, launch attacks, and manipulate operations. FirstPoint's Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offers continuous cellular protection against emerging threats. Operating at the network level, it automatically detects, alerts, and blocks suspicious communications for every device. The on-device SIM applet further enhances protection without compromising battery life and latency.

Empower your customers with robust connectivity management capabilities ​

Through multi-tenancy and self-management of network slices, you provide your customers complete control over the cellular connectivity of their vast number of IoT devices, supporting 2G-5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies. Whether it's for smart factories, smart cities, utilities, transportation, or any other use case, our feature-rich and highly secure Connectivity Management Platform ensures a cost-effective solution that is easy to deploy, scale, and operate.

Self-Managed IoT Networks

Self manage IoT networks, without the need for MNO/MVNO support.

Fast Customer Onboarding

Our feature-rich IoT device management makes it easy to onboard new enterprise customers.

Robust IoT/IIoT Network Security

Deploy advanced real-time security mechanisms via the FirstPoint SIM/eSIM security applet.

Easy Setup and Deployment

Get up and running via a simple and easy to use cloud-based interface.

Speed up time to value for IoT services

Widespread IoT services are already making waves across industries, and the emergence of 5G will only increase the pace of change. However, there’s no denying the fear around security, and how it’s inhibiting the ability for organizations to see profit. Many organizations are holding their breath, waiting to see what hardware, software or use cases they might need before they deploy IoT, worried about a wasted investment. However, protecting at the network level means protecting against any eventuality, providing your subscribers with the peace of mind that they need to jump on board.

Handle industry-specific security constraints

IoT for healthcare is not the same as IoT for smart cities, to name just one single example. Parking terminals may need to be immune to attacks that go after credit card details, while Smart City traffic lights must be focused on ensuring hackers can’t gain a foothold to manipulate operations and infrastructure. Medical device manufacturers’ top priority is ensuring that there is no risk to human life, while agricultural IoT may be concerned specifically with accuracy. The use cases are countless, but your solution security doesn’t have to be. FirstPoint is a single CMP provider answering all your customers IoT security needs.

Critical infrastructure needs
a tight, yet flexible, cover

When it comes to mission-critical services in industries such as Energy, Water, Gas and Oil, IoT organizations need a system in place for continuously monitoring and assessing devices. These industries have specific requirements, and may run on private networks as well as public. To keep incisive visibility and control, FirstPoint offers a centralized management system across any ecosystem, including the ability to drill down to group-specific connectivity, security and business policies that meet your customers organizational demands, down to a single device. This results in the most flexible possible CMP solution that’s ready from day one to meet any use case.

Prepare for 5G

As 5G hits the ground running, enterprises need to partner with intelligent MNOs that are 5G-ready, to deploy value-added services through IoT. However, IoT raises the stakes of a cyber attack, with a greater number of devices handling increasingly high-risk tasks. Providing a CMP solution that gives full protection at the cellular network level sidesteps advanced threats and provides continuous throughout.

Our tiered cyber security solutions for IoT service providers can be white-labeled, offered as a VAS, or deployed as a courtesy solution. Want to learn more?

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