Mobile Cyber Security

Give Mobile Subscribers
the Peace of Mind that Comes with
Network-Level Security

Protect all cellular mobile devices from both known and unknown cyber-attacks, without the need for user interaction.

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Hacking, tracking and eavesdropping… Cellular mobile
threats are becoming increasingly intelligent

Are you in the line of fire when it comes to proving that subscriber devices are safe from cyber-attack? As bad actors find new threat windows, and leverage these for sophisticated attacks, traditional cybersecurity is failing to adequately meet the risk. Threats will come in many shapes and sizes. Some are well known – such as network loopholes originally intended to allow for interoperability between different operators, while others will take advantage of network vulnerabilities or unpatched system errors, and be impossible to prepare for ahead of time.

FirstPoint is the only security solution that monitors, identifies and protects at the network level, catching cybercrime before it ever reaches your subscriber devices. Any suspicious behavior is alerted to in real-time, even without a known signature for malicious intent.

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how does it work?

How Does it Work?

Enable security teams to uncover, alert, and prevent attacks from fake cell towers, cellular man-in-the-middle attacks, SS7 & Diameter loopholes, silent SMS, SMS hijacking, data leakage, SIM swapping and more. FirstPoint’s mobile cyber security solution is powered by a unique technology, operating on the network level, and providing one of kind protection.

Easy to set up: As the MNO or enterprise, you can define all the devices that you want protected, and gain immediate access to one centralized dashboard with all the intel you need.

Flexible deployment: Host at the operator’s data center on-premises or on the cloud, or hand over control to the enterprise to host locally, for data-sensitive organizations with high-security requirements.

Tight control: All subscriber signalling and data traffic will be routed through the overlay core network, protecting from suspicious behavior according to policy at the earliest possible stages.

Smart granularity: The CISO has centralized control, and sets policies by users, groups, type, or scenario, making sure nothing is left to chance when it comes to protecting your users.

Additional controls: The SIM applet allows for enhanced on-device security and full network anonymity where necessary. All the while, performance remains best-in-class.


management console for full visibility and control

Centralized management console for a single pane of glass

FirstPoint works with any and all other mobile security, including VPNs, Mobile Device Management technology, private APNs and any other on-device hardware. You can also offer enterprise subscribers the ability to integrate with their own SIEM, to see all of their security at a glance, from one dashboard.

With full visibility and control, you have real-time intelligence into any cellular threat to mobile phones, and can look at this information in the same console as for IoT devices, or any other cellular connection. Through your flexible policy engine, you can decide exactly what happens for each type of risk, user, or group.

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Take on any and all cellular network threats

Uncover, alert, and mitigate all cellular attacks, whether the intent is dropping malware, tracking location, stealing data, eavesdropping on conversations or damaging performance. Protect against identity compromise and man-in-the-middle attacks that utilize fake cell towers to hijack communications. Be ready for SS7 & Diameter loopholes that can infiltrate SMS messages and monitor locations. Secure your subscribers to eliminate data leakage and traffic redirection, and block malicious destinations or geolocation tracking. Better yet – protect against the attacks we don’t have names for yet, the ones the attackers are working on, right now.

Give THE secure network to mobile subscribers

There’s a myth going around that mobile devices are bulletproof. They’re not. Mobile device users are open to an increasing amount of risk, and the opportunity is there for a smart provider to gain a competitive edge. As organizations of all kinds  compete on price and go head to head in a race to the bottom, future-focused organizations need a smarter route to keep their business in the league tables. Security is a seriously powerful value-add – will it be yours?

Hassle-free use, with zero impact on performance

You just want it to be easy, right? A security solution that requires users to update their devices on time, or stay educated on suspicious behavior is only as good as your weakest subscriber. FirstPoint allows for infinite scale when it comes to securing devices, and all without your users ever lifting a finger. Not only that, but as the solution protects at network level, it doesn’t matter what devices your subscribers use, in terms of age, type, operating system, or model. We’re here for you, from 2G-5G, and whatever comes next.

Mobile device security doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it’s best when it isn’t. Leverage one vendor relationship to protect subscribers – FirstPoint have you covered. 

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