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Protect Cellular Devices from Fake Cell Tower Attacks

Fake cell towers, aka IMSI catcher detectors, aka rogue base stations, aka Stingrays. Whatever the name, the damage is the same: they “trick” devices into connecting to their fake network, cutting off any service and enabling hackers to insert malware, phish, snoop or track --without user knowledge.

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mobile cyber security protection

Secure mobile devices from cellular cyber threats

Enable security teams to uncover, alert, and prevent attacks from fake cell towers, cellular man-in-the-middle attacks, SS7 & Diameter loopholes, and more. FirstPoint's mobile cyber security solution is powered by a unique technology, operating on the network level, and providing one of kind protection.

cyber attacks

Uncover cyber attacks

Leverage network based protection to discover a new world of cyber attacks. Gain full visibility of diverse attacks impacting your employees' phones and any cellular connected device.

protect employees' phones

Provide employees with seamless protection

Secure any mobile phone or connected device with zero impact on the user experience. FirstPoint's network based security requires no end user installation and has no impact on the overall experience.

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