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Looking for THE Secure Network for Cellular IoT Devices? You’ve Found it

Defend IoT devices from cyber attacks without disrupting performance, reducing battery life, or impacting latency.

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IoT devices are a gateway for new forms of cyber attack against increasingly critical services

The growth of IoT has not gone unnoticed by cyber attackers, and those with malicious intent already have countless ways to slip through network vulnerabilities, attacking IoT devices while remaining undetected. Unlike mobile phones, IoT devices are often unmanned for months or even years at a time, and without insight into their behavior – dangerous exploits can go unnoticed. On top of this, IoT use cases are far more critical than mobile, handling sensitive information, business continuity, and even global infrastructure such as Utilities and Healthcare.

FirstPoint is the only solution that can detect any and all IoT-targeted cellular attacks, even highlighting unknown attack patterns, and alerting to their existence in real time. At this point, suspicious behavior is automatically blocked, without impacting performance, speed or functionality.

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iot 360 cyber protection

How Does it Work?

FirstPoint’s security solution protects without hardware installation, software updates or any impact on your devices, A truly invisible solution, the platform acts behind the scenes to identify, alert and mitigate any cellular network risk to connected devices.

Simply define a list of devices to protect, and decide whether to provision the SIM applet OTA, or use new SIMs altogether. Your users will continue to interact with their devices as usual, with no impact on their performance or use. It really is as straightforward as that.

protect all iot devices

Protect any connected device

Secure all SIM-based or eSIM-based devices, 2G-5G including NB-IoT, LTE-M, eMBB, mMTC, URLLC and integrated with network slicing, for static or roaming devices, with or without an operating system, via the device or a central mobile gateway.

Out of sight, FirstPoint protects from three directions:

  • At the core: A secured, overlay core network that operates side by side with the MNOs network, without any impact on operations.
  • On the SIM: A dedicated applet on the SIM itself, providing an added layer of protection to the device, and guaranteeing full anonymity.
  • Across all communication: Any signalling and data traffic is routed via the protected network, adding security at the earliest possible stage.

management console for full visibility and control

From the front-end, your security team has access to one centralized management console for full visibility and control.

  • Integrate: Easily collate information with any SIEM, for a holistic view of enterprise-wide security.
  • Manage: A flexible policy engine allows the CISO to dictate policy by situation, device, user, or group.
  • Alert: Find out in real-time if there is any cellular threat to devices, looking at mobile and IoT data side by side.

Want to know more about the technology behind FirstPoint? Download the white paper.

Protect any connected device with a future-proof solution

Secure all SIM-based or eSIM-based devices, 2G-5G, including NB-IoT, LTE-M, eMBB, mMTC, and URLLC. Support enterprises looking for unique requirements for performance or privacy, such as network slicing or edge networking solutions. Security will be seamless and complete, whether for static or roaming devices, with or without a native operating system, and whether incorporated directly via the device or a central mobile gateway.

If security is a hurdle to onboarding IoT solutions, it shouldn’t be. FirstPoint protects from the earliest network stage, giving visibility and control from a single platform.


Identify and prevent IoT cyber security attacks

Benefit from continuous, 360 network-based monitoring and protection that is built to immediately notice and block IoT-specific threats. These vary from IoT-as-a-Gateway, Man-in-the-Middle, or data-channel rerouting attacks that aim to steal customer information and compromise credentials, to infrastructure threats such as fake signal towers, battery-draining attempts, or device manipulation that compromises functionality.

race to iot security

Maintain a competitive advantage in the race to IoT

With security holding many organizations back, prevention and protection of any and all threats is a serious differentiator. Add flawless network-level protection to your IoT offering, increasing stickiness for your enterprise subscribers, and delivering simultaneous, always-on, secure performance no matter the device type, age, location, or economies of scale. Always up to date, with no impact on availability or speed.

With cybersecurity-as a service, you can guarantee simple deployment, one stop shop management, and infinite scale as and when you need.

Reduce complexity by leveraging one single vendor relationship for secure connectivity and control in the IoT space.

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