Private 5G Security and
Private LTE Security

Tighten Private LTE and 5G Security,
with Inherent Protection
for IoT and Mobile

The most secure option for mobile and IoT just got its silver bullet. Protect all devices on private dedicated, virtual or hybrid mobile networks from cellular vulnerabilities.

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Private LTE and Private 5G Networks
Promise Peak Performance
and Security.
But, Can They Deliver?

Organizations are increasingly adopting dedicated, virtual, and hybrid private networks over private spectrum, unlicensed spectrum,or operator spectrum. This supports the unique requirements of compliance, security, performance, and speed. Mobile private networks are said to offer better protocol security for cellular devices, but is ‘better’, good enough? After all, a private network doesn’t mean that your data will never leave its four walls. Via manipulation of the private network connection, attackers can inject malware, launch identity theft attacks, or steal sensitive data, just as they could via public network infrastructure. 

FirstPoint offers a unique added layer of 5G/LTE security, both identifying and mitigating threats at the network level, so that IoT and mobile devices within the private network remain secure at all times. On-premises or cloud-based, and managed wholly by the organization itself, we offer complete control at all times.

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how does it work?

How Does it Work?

Private mobile networks have a wide variety of use cases, including new and emerging secure 5G deployments that include critical IoT, and compliance-mandated secure mobile communications. Relying on network slicing and strong security hygiene for all the devices within the network is simply not good enough. Sidestep this challenge without the need for additional hardware or software, with security that protects at the network level. No user-education necessary. 

Easy to set up: Define all the devices that you want protected, and gain immediate access to one centralized dashboard with real-time intelligence. 

On-premises deployment: Hosted on an organization’s local servers, cloud deployment or servers of the MNO, so that sensitive data is never out of sight.

Tight control: All user signalling and data traffic will be routed through the overlay core network, working seamlessly across your private LTE/5G. Utilizing private 5G network slicing? No problem.

Smart granularity: The CISO has centralized control, and sets policies by users, groups, type, or scenario, making sure nothing is left to chance when it comes to protecting your devices. 

Additional controls: Enhanced on-device security and full network anonymity via the SIM applet. All the while, you get the performance boost you expect from private LTE/5G.

The simplest and most secure deployment for LTE and 5G security concerns

Organizations know their unique business strategy better than anyone, and so FirstPoint was built to follow suit. The platform works seamlessly alongside any other mobile or IoT security, including on-device hardware or software, and any existing SIEM, for a single view of all security information.

Our private LTE/5G security solution is deployed on-premises and can be fully managed by in-house security stakeholders, with training provided for the network team, to make sure that they get the best out of the platform. For MNOs and service providers looking to offer private LTE/5G deployments, white-label the FirstPoint solution, and carve out a space for yourself in the market as the most secure offering available for any and all cellular devices.

management console for full visibility and control

One single management console for mobile and IoT device security

Set the policy that works for your IoT and mobile technology, down to a single device, or through intelligent groupings such as users, network slice, location, and more. Get real-time insight from one centralized dashboard, alerting you to suspicious behavior, inadvertent risk, and malicious intent, ahead of time. From the same console, choose what you want to happen in response to alerts, with a flexible policy engine that seamlessly enables your own business strategy, instead of becoming a hurdle.

An added layer of security against private LTE/5G threats

Recent attacks against private 5G/LTE are too many to name. These include Mobile Network Mapping, where attackers can access device ‘fingerprints’ to steal information about the network, DoS attacks, Battery Draining, and Uplink Impersonation. Private networks boast better cellular security than public networks, but what if an organization needs the Gold standard? After all, once resources have been allocated into deploying private dedicated, virtual, or hybrid networks, businesses quite rightly expect to put security fears behind them. Who’s going to tell the C-suite the truth, that communications could still be intercepted, service degraded, and data remains under attack? Eliminate the need for this conversation by adding security at the network level, and stopping even tomorrow’s threats in their tracks. 

Check MPN LTE and 5G security off your to-do list

The facts are, that new threats are being found every day, and that attackers are well aware that private LTE/5G deployments manage some of the most valuable data payloads out there. Add peace of mind to business as usual with network-level security, and get back to focusing on your core value. 

Say goodbye to the fear of adding security gaps or blind spots, even when considering unmanaged IoT, OT, or IoMT. Protecting at the network level means exactly that – any device operating or sending traffic inside the private 5G/LTE network is secure. Users and subscribers can browse and communicate as usual, and organizations can choose to onboard the IoT and mobile devices that align with operations and budget.

Private LTE/5G promises better security. Let FirstPoint help it keep that promise, with a single vendor relationship to secure any and all cellular devices.

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