Cellular IoT Security – A 360 Overview

Cellular IoT security whitepaper cover

It is easy to dismiss cyber vulnerabilities for cellular IoT devices as being the same risks already being addressed when protecting smartphones. Another flawed assumption is that cellular IoT devices are only vulnerable to the same attacks on IoT devices using LAN or WLAN connections. In reality, it is the combination of cellular connectivity and IoT-specific vulnerabilities that make for a highly dynamic threat landscape that can jeopardize mobile network operators, enterprises, government agencies, and, of course, the cellular subscribers themselves.

If you’re involved in managing, designing, deploying or connecting IoT systems, being aware of the cyber risks these devices are up against is a basic responsibility.
In this whitepaper, we present a comprehensive, yet easy to understand complete overview of cellular cybersecurity risks to IoT devices and FirstPoint’s best in class mobile network-based solution to address them.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Connecting the Internet of Things
  • The state of cellular IoT device cyber threats
  • General attacks landscape
    • Device manipulation
    • Data channel rerouting attacks
    • Using IoT devices as tools in an attack
    • Denial of Service (DoS)
    • Identity compromise
    • Location data exposure
  • Tackling IoT device cybersecurity
  • Why FirstPoint cybersecurity-as-a-service?

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