The 5 greatest threats to mobile cyber security today

mobile cybersecurity - attackers are on your phone

The most well-published risk to mobile phones is, by far, information theft via malware installations. It can be argued that the reason for that is that malware is relatively easily identified and tracked and so almost all mobile security solutions aim to deal with information theft through on-device malware via an on-device app or cloud-based data monitoring. However, the threat landscape is far more complex and dangerous.

In this e-book, FirstPoint, as a cellular cybersecurity company that’s been extensively researching mobile threats and their prevention, details the five most devastating threats to mobile phones today, including methods and possible gains; and proposes the best approach to mitigating them.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The 5 greatest risks to mobile cyber security today:
    1. Denial-of-Service (DoS)
    2. Communication interception
    3. Location tracking
    4. Information theft
    5. Account hijacking
  • The solution: network-based cellular protection

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