Simple, Fast and Secure Connectivity Management Platform for IoT Devices

Enabling visibility and control over IoT networks for IoT Service Providers and enterprises.

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Unlock new revenue streams for your service provider business with our comprehensive, self-service IoT management platform. Our flexible and cost-effective solution caters to the unique needs of enterprises while keeping security and reliability as a top priority so your enterprise customers can trust their IoT connectivity is protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities. With our solution, service providers can offer their enterprise customers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, enabling them to efficiently manage and monitor their IoT devices. This self-service approach streamlines operations, reduces manual processes, and empowers enterprises to have greater control over their deployments.


FirstPoint empowers enterprises to effortlessly and securely deploy IoT devices across the globe. With our intuitive self-service platform, enterprises can enjoy enhanced simplicity and flexibility in managing all aspects of their IoT deployments, including connectivity, security, and business operations. Our platform incorporates robust cybersecurity features that shield enterprises' IoT networks from the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. To ensure optimized connectivity at considerably reduced costs, we offer global coverage support through multi-IMSI and eSIM profile switch technologies, enabling our customers to achieve seamless connectivity worldwide.

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FirstPoint simplifies IoT connectivity and device management processes, streamlines business function, automates routine back-office operations, generates real-time security alerts and creates a more efficient and productive network environment

Enterprise EPC/5GC

Distributed EPC/5GC with user management, intuitive connectivity management and billing

Multi-Level Security

Supports both mobile core network level security and specific use case protection mechanisms

Public-Private Roaming

Subscribers can roam between public and private networks will full support for CBRS neutral host network (NHN) and eSIM profile scenarios

Flexible Deployment

Multiple deployment options with full support for multiple virtual environments and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Lightweight Rest-API

Enables enterprises to create custom implementations over the core network via simple API functions

Security by default

Uncompromised Security

Full Control by Enterprise IT

Full control and enforcement of organizational security policies and guidelines at the individual device levels. Monitor device connectivity / behavior and detect anomalie.

Central Data Protection Hub

Compliment device protection with a central security hub. Create alerts based on signaling or operational events. Trigger automated corrective actions.

Cellular Network Security

Our platform detects and prevents a range of attacks: in RAN domain e.g. MiTM attacks, In signaling domain e.g. location tracking, In user data domain e.g. data redirection. This is all achieved by a unique combination of measures in the cellular core and the SIM/eSIM.

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FirstPoint is
IoT Evolution winner

The award is granted based on innovation in securing IoT devices and networks and is judged by IoT Evolution editors. It honors the leading technological innovators in the security and IoT industry.

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Best IoT security solutions: FirstPoint is Cybernews top picks

While the Internet of Things devices offer a wide range of applications, they can also pose serious security risks. Because of this, we set out to create a list of the best security solutions for any IoT environment.

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FirstPoint launches protected cellular connectivity suite for IoT enterprises

The comprehensive, ultra-secure multi-functional system enables enterprises to securely manage thousands of IoT cellular-connected devices without depending on an operator.

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