The cellular IoT connectivity management platform

Simplifying cellular-IoT connectivity with robust security

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Welcome to a better IoT connectivity
Where you set your the rules

FirstPoint transfers the control of the IoT devices’ connectivity to the enterprise, while providing best-in-class cybersecurity, allowing IoT-focused organizations to benefit from comprehensive management tools and maximum flexibility that best fits any cellular IoT use case.

Manage all cellular IoT devices from a single platform
with FirstPoint

  • No telco knowledge needed
  • Full roaming control
  • Rich API set for easy integration

Gain control of the connectivity and security management with personalized rules and policies per an individual or a group of devices, for any IoT use case.

security by default

Detect, alert, and protect all signaling, SMS, and data traffic

Simplifying ​IoT connectivity

An IT-grade platform, easy to implement, with no previous Telco knowledge required

Fully customizable

Enforce tight business rules for security and connectivity by group or device, for ultimate control from 2G-5G and beyond.

Ultra secure

Unparalleled protection with enhanced on-device SIM-applet protection & network anonymity.

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The World Bank Group
Innogy Innovation Hub

FirstPoint is
IoT Evolution winner

The award is granted based on innovation in securing IoT devices and networks and is judged by IoT Evolution editors. It honors the leading technological innovators in the security and IoT industry.

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Best IoT security solutions: FirstPoint is Cybernews top picks

While the Internet of Things devices offer a wide range of applications, they can also pose serious security risks. Because of this, we set out to create a list of the best security solutions for any IoT environment.

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FirstPoint launches protected cellular connectivity suite for IoT enterprises

The comprehensive, ultra-secure multi-functional system enables enterprises to securely manage thousands of IoT cellular-connected devices without depending on an operator.

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