Protect cellular subscribers from hidden attackers on any mobile network, with app-free protection

Cellular cybersecurity for any SIM or eSIM-based device, anywhere, with organization-level control

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Did You Know?

At any moment, your cellular devices could unwittingly expose sensitive data, through malicious exploits that track locations, hack and eavesdrop - without detection.

Protect people, IPs and devices from cellular threats
with FirstPoint

  • We're not an anti-virus
  • We don’t secure hardware
  • We don't install anything on devices

We protect at the network level, bypassing cellular vulnerabilities to ensure full protection against all cyber-attack methods with an agent-less solution.


Fake Cell Towers, Man in the Middle Attacks, SS7 & Diameter Loopholes, Denial-of-Service, DDoS, Data Leaks, Malicious SMS, SMS Phishing & Hijacking, Malware Injections, Location Tracking, Stingray Attacks

Identity compromise



Location tracking

Malicious SMS

Data leakage

Peace of mind

Customize security: assign per-device profiles

Simple to manage and scale

Protect any cellular device, any IOT, cars, modems -- even while roaming

Hassle-free usage

Keep users updated, transparently; no SW/HW slowdowns, no CPU/battery hits

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At iJura, we couldn't be more excited about partnering with FirstPoint. When coupled with iJura's holistic Mobile Threat Defense solution, FirstPoint's unique and innovative solution provides an added layer of protection at the cellular signaling network level, a true industry first

Eric Williams, Founder, CEO & Innovator, iJura

Our Partners
The World Bank Group
Innogy Innovation Hub

FirstPoint is
Startup of the Year 2020

The prestigeous Mobile Breakthrough Awards select FirstPoint for its innovation in IoT and mobile security for the hyper-connected world.

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CIO Review select FirstPoint
as top 10 IoT Solution Providers

Tackling the unique challenges of IoT, with a focus on cellular security. FirstPoint takes the lead.

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The Darker Side of 5G Mobile Networks and Why Enterprises Need to Up their Mobile Security

Dror Fixler, the CEO of cellular protection firm FirstPoint, is adamant that use of fake cell towers is far more prevalent than commonly assumed

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