Mobile Device Security by MNOs
is your Competitive Edge

Boost revenue in Telecom
and seamlessly protect subscribers with
Cellular Cyber Security for any SIM or eSIM-based device.

FirstPoint identifies, alerts and protects against any risk to connected devices,
significantly increasing trust in cellular communications.

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What’s protecting your subscriber devices?

Probably less than you think. As the playing field levels in areas of performance and speed, security is set to be the next great differentiator. Existing subscribers are looking to mobile providers to secure their communications. With threats escalating in sophistication and number, how can mobile operators meet this challenge?

Enter FirstPoint.

providing operators an opportunity to level up by facilitating significant trust in an enhanced security solution. Operating side by side with a mobile operator's core network, FirstPoint uncovers any and all threats at the cellular level, protecting equally across all connected devices, from mobile phones to IoT devices.


SW and HW solutions
are device-specific,
cellular security works
at the core network level.

From 2G - 5G

Future-proof your
security model with
a solution that’s
ready for any
future innovation.

Full MNO control

Choose between
on-premises or cloud
all communication is
routed securely.

Best-in-class performance

Your subscribers use
their devices as usual,
with no installation,
and no impact on
performance or speed.

how does it work

How Does it Work?

Step One: With no need for onboarding new hardware or software solutions, FirstPoint can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, allowing your subscriber communications to be routed through a secured network, regardless of device age, type, or location.

Step Two: Register the devices that you want to protect, and malicious activity will be detected, alerted on, and stopped, in real-time. Enhanced SIM security can be added to an existing subscription OTA, or included with a new SIM, providing network anonymity from the outset.

Step Three: Your subscribers handle their devices as usual, with zero impact on performance, and no action needed on their part. Behind the scenes, the CISO has full management and control from a centralized online management platform, complete with device or group-level security and notification policies.

Ward off mobile network vulnerabilities

Ward off mobile network vulnerabilities

Today’s software, hardware, and cloud-based security solutions are aimed at preventing data leakage. They are powerless against attacks at the network level and act far too late in the game to stop any kind of signaling attack. This includes fake cell towers, also known as rogue base stations, SS7 & Diameter protocol vulnerabilities that can often lead to DoS attacks, malicious eavesdropping, or location tracking.

Only FirstPoint provides holistic cellular device security for mobile operators that covers any threat, even while the device is roaming.

Prepare for 5G with MNO IoT device security

As 5G hits the ground running, enterprises need to partner with intelligent MNOs that are 5G-ready, to deploy value-added services through IoT. However, IoT raises the stakes of a cyber attack, with a greater number of devices handling increasingly high-risk tasks. Protecting at the cellular network level sidesteps advanced threats such as IMSI catchers, providing MNO IoT device security that’s early and continuous throughout.

Increase ARPU in Telecom

The average revenue per user is no longer a metric you can set and forget, especially when it comes to IoT ARPU. Consider NB IoT ARPU, as just one example, where each device transmits a minuscule amount of data in comparison to mobile phones. Security has always been a serious value-add, a premium offering to provide protection across all subscriber devices, and now, an intelligent route to monetizing IoT projects, too. FirstPoint can add stickiness to your solution, to boost revenue in Telecom for anything from new IoT projects to existing mobile subscriber solutions.

Our tiered cyber security solutions for MNOs can be white-labeled, offered as a VAS, or deployed as a courtesy solution. Want to learn more?

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FirstPoint is
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