FirstPoint Mobile Guard:
Cellular Cybersecurity for MNO Subscribers

Give subscribers peace of mind against cellular threats,
with Cybersecurity-as-a-Service
Offer network-based protection as a premium VAS

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Enterprise and security-sensitive subscriber communications can be hacked, tracked and intercepted. They'll never know it happened, until it's too late.


Keep customers secure by offering FirstPoint as a premium VAS. Our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service detects, alerts, protects and updates any SIM device from any cellular threat, anywhere, even while roaming.

Flexible models

White-label options
Customizable for your market

Built-in security

Ultra-secure‚ÄĚ branding
Gain the advantage over competing MNOs

Premium VAS

Increase ARPU

Full MNO control

Set up on premise or in MNO cloud Full traffic control

mobile cyber security protection

Mobile Network Vulnerability

Offering users full protection from cellular vulnerabilities


The SS7 protocol doesn’t need user authentication. Savvy hackers leverage this loophole to secretly access devices, rerouting text messages and phone calls, tracking locations and even accessing bank account or other sensitive data.


Offer subscribers full, 24/7, continually updated protection as a premium VAS, Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

Tailor our cybersecurity services to meet your needs

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