FirstPoint and Rahan Meristem Collaborate to Bring 5G-Powered Connectivity Solutions to Greenhouses

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FirstPoint, a leading provider of a Mobile devices (IoT) cellular connectivity management platform, is excited to collaborate with Rahan Meristem, an agro-biotech company, to promote advanced communication solutions for agriculture, based on 5G technology. Specifically, the collaboration focuses on private cellular networks, enabling efficient secure computerized growth processes in greenhouses, even in areas without cellular coverage.

As part of the pilot, FirstPoint will use its S-CMP system to demonstrate end-to-end work with minimum delays and high bandwidth. The system will connect to humidity sensors, electric faucets and thermal cameras for automatic growth control and early detection of plant diseases, watering disruptions and more. 

Additionally, a management/growth software will connect to the system, and the pilot system will be deployed in one of the company’s greenhouses.

The pilot will demonstrate the exceptional potential of agriculture digitization with the use of advanced infrastructure and communication capabilities in Israel. The pilot will allow FirstPoint to demonstrate the 5G SA product in a real environment and validate the product for new use cases. 

The solution will enable Rahan Meristem to implement these capabilities in private network deployments on site, without relying on an existing cellular provider or even the organizational network. FirstPoint will provide both the core network and management systems, and the radio equipment for the pilot will be purchased from a local integrator who will take care of all hardware aspects and radio usage licenses, as well as dedicated modems for the pilot’s needs.

This pilot is made possible with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority. So far, the joint initiative of the Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority has granted financial support of more than NIS 23 million to Israeli companies that develop 5G technology applications. They estimate that the success of these technologies may lead to a digital revolution and will constitute a significant growth engine for the entire Israeli economy.

In summary, FirstPoint is thrilled to collaborate with Rahan Meristem to promote advanced communication solutions based on 5G technology and demonstrate how secured advanced network technology can push forward agriculture innovations leading to smarter and more efficient farming.

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