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No matter how carefully MNOs protect their networks, cybersecurity threats slip through the cracks. Because the truth is, anything with cellular communication can be hacked, tracked and intercepted using vulnerabilities in the network. Savvy private investigators, hackers, criminal and foreign governments exploit these weaknesses to listen in on calls, perform denial-of-service attacks, read text messages, install and activate malware and track device location –without ever touching the device.

Breached cellphones and cellular IoT devices can cripple organizations and even cities by leaking C-level professionals’ confidential data or location, exposing critical defence and government communications and manipulating smart city devices or denying cell service from connected cars. Expensive secured HW, cloud-based solutions, applications and even SS7 or SMS firewall solutions can’t provide complete protection, because they can’t “see” them happening, or are unable to defend against them.


FirstPoint: Detects, alerts, protects any subscriber device Increase your revenues by offering best-in-class FirstPoint Cybersecurity-as-a-Service as a premium VAS. With this proven platform, you can provide your enterprise and security-sensitive customers a comprehensive management platform and tools for deception. We safeguard devices by anonymizing employees’ identities, misleading attackers —wherever subscribers roam.

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