Cellular Cybersecurity for IoT

cyber security for iot


Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) device applications are nearly unlimited; 5G will facilitate use even further. However, concerns about security have slowed wide scale adoption of IoT devices. Vulnerable cellular networks experience denial-of-service attacks via fake cell towers, and hackers can easily collect data from any connected device from a point-of-sale to a commercial airliner.


FirstPoint provides carrier based protection and allows private networks to safeguard all connected devices while monitoring it all from a single dashboard. Stop cyber-attacks before they happen by deterring attacks such as fake cell towers (aka IMSI catcher), cellular Man-in-the-Middle, and attacks that exploit emerging vulnerabilities impacting IoT devices. Our cybersecurity-as-a-service delivers total, easy to deploy, always on network-based security for every connected device.

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