Cellular Cybersecurity for Enterprises

cyber security for enterprise


Unprotected employee BYODs and other devices often contain sensitive communications, meant to be kept internally. It’s especially true for business travelers, who are even more exposed when they leave the corporate office. But these devices are ripe for corporate espionage and destructive cyber-attacks; competitors, criminals, and even governments take advantage of mobile networks’ vulnerabilities. Preventing such breaches can be challenging: employees use any BYOD, old or new.

These devices may likely not be updated with manufacturer patches or supported by the latest security apps. Enterprises try to correct the situation by sending employees continual security updates, with reminders to install the latest security patch. But too often, employees don’t want to bother, and never do it. Even more worrying: for IoT devices, enterprises may not be able to implement updates, due to hardware, firmware and software constraints.


FirstPoint Cybersecurity-as-a-Service lets you control all devices’ cellular communications, without user intervention, providing SOC management, integration, and deception tools to ensure that security is “on” at all times. We safeguard devices by anonymizing the user’s cellular ID, misleading attackers —even while roaming.

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