Cellular Cyber Security for Defense & Government


Cellular devices and other devices used for defense have become indispensable for carrying out sensitive missions and other activities to safeguard both military forces and civilian populations. But they are also quite vulnerable. Terrorists, foreign governments and hackers exploit network vulnerabilities, using IMSI catchers and SS7/Diameter loopholes, injecting malicious SMS to infiltrate security-sensitive organizations, capturing confidential communications by tracking senior officials’ locations or eavesdropping.

Defense organizations do their best, continually pushing updates to defense devices, such as smartphones, surveillance cameras and secured vehicles. But some of this equipment cannot be updated, due to hardware, firmware and software constraints. And users don’t always install these patches. The missing link? A way to prevent serious security breaches, without involving the user.


We create and operate a secured virtual home network. Communication is routed through the controlled environment, in partnership with the cellular carrier. In this environment, patented (pending) novel security measures are applied to secure registered user’s communication. Organizations monitor the system via a dedicated dashboard or via SIEM integration.

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