FirstPoint Mobile Guard:
Mobile Cybersecurity for Government Agencies

Guard sensitive cellular communications against any cyberattack
Provide seamless, military-grade network protection

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Defense and government organizations rely on cellular devices to protect military forces and civilians. But terrorists, state-sponsored espionage and hackers leverage cellular network vulnerabilities to capture confidential communications.


Take command all of defense’s sensitive cellular communications, securing all devices, all the time, anywhere.


Completely bypasses ​vulnerabilities. Roaming in any terrain. Protects cellular IDs​. 24/7 war-room​

Simple to

One platform for all devices​. Any device/model/version, ​Easy setup​, Per-device profiling​, CISO control.

Seamless user

No SW or special HW​.
No CPU/battery hits​.
No impact on UX​.
Updates in background​.

Tracking Prevention

Preventing location tracking in sensitive military areas


Legacy telephone network standards allow terrorists and hostile organizations to track senior officials’ location via their cellular devices.


FirstPoint’s military-grade cellular cybersecurity-as-a-service detects, alerts, and protects devices anywhere, anytime, and blocks location tracking cyber attacks.

spyware injection

Spyware Injection

Protecting military & law enforcement

Spyware injection into soldier’s phones


IMSI catchers snatch cellular IDs by offering the “best connectivity.” These fake cell towers can uncover IDs, cause denial of service, snoop on calls, text, data or install malware.


FirstPoint identifies and blocks fake cell towers, one of the most popular methods of spyware injection, at airports, border crossings, near and within government buildings, military bases, police stations — or anywhere else.

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