Seamless, Integrated Protection of Cellular Devices for Government and Defense

Guard sensitive communications across all cellular devices, and safeguard military forces, government officials and sensitive connected devices with the most powerful, military-grade cellular security

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When it comes to sensitive governmental data, only military-grade security is strong enough.

However, traditional security methods deployed by governmental agencies stop at either on-device hardware or software, or encryption of data, neither of which matches up to today’s network-based threats. As a result, terrorists, foreign governments, hackers and espionage attempts continue to get smarter at accessing communications, devices, locations and data. As government agencies increase their reliance on cellular communication and connected devices such as surveillance cameras, IoT devices, and connected vehicles, defense organizations need control over them all

Without the need for user intervention, FirstPoint meets this challenge head-on.

By routing signalling and data traffic through a highly-secured network, government agencies and defense organizations have a real-time overview of any malicious activity, and can protect both military personnel and the connected devices used by cities and civilians. By anonymizing the identity of each cellular device, attackers are faced with dynamic deception techniques that stop them in their tracks. At every stage, stakeholders can manage operations via an intelligent SOC management platform either using the public network, a private network or deploying on-premises, setting policies down to a single user or device.

Targeted Defense Features

Anonymized cellular IDs, deception of hostile entities, and the ability to roam securely in any terrain, at home or abroad.

Easy to Set-up

One platform for all devices, from 2G-5G, and all models, types, ages, and operating systems.

No User Intervention

Protect devices behind the scenes, letting registered users interact with their devices as usual.

Seamless integration

Works alongside existing mobile or IoT security, MDM solutions, VPNs, private APN, and any SIEM.

Close cellular security gaps at the mobile network

Protecting confidential military communications, the locations and devices of senior officials, and data related to national security is nothing less than a top priority. FirstPoint is the only solution that protects comprehensively at the network level, safeguarding against the hidden network vulnerabilities that threaten cellular communications. These include fake cell towers (IMSI catchers), man-in-the-middle attacks, SS7 and Diameter loopholes that enable location tracking and SMS hijacking, malicious & binary SMS, malware, data leakage, backdoors and bad links.

One-time organizational deployment,

Choose deployment on the public network, a private network, or internally on-premises where security dictates. A single registration and activation process protects all named devices, from mobile to IoT, scaling to as large a number as necessary. No need to download additional hardware or software, no updates or plugins, and the users can continue to access their devices undisturbed. A SIM applet can be provided either OTA, or on brand-new SIMs

spyware injection

Tight, defense-specific deployment and functionality

An entirely on-premises system set-up can be chosen to add tightened security for sensitive communications, eliminating the need for sensitive data to reside at the mobile network operator’s data center. In addition, we have vast experience meeting governmental use cases, including cellular ID anonymization to mislead attackers, hiding force location, deception tools, and ‘always on’ security, even while the device is roaming.

Improve security management with centralized control

Either through integration with your existing SIEM, or as its own, standalone system, the FirstPoint Security Operations Center (SOC) platform includes everything you need to manage your entire security operations for each and every cellular device, whether that’s mobile phones, connected vehicles, IoT sensors, or surveillance cameras. Hold the reins yourself by managing the platform in-house, or outsource this to the network operator, or a third-party MSSP – the choice is yours. This level of cellular control is something you cannot get anywhere else.

management console for full visibility and control

Device-level visibility with real-time status and reporting

Your dedicated cellular cybersecurity console offers visibility into your whole organization, complete with the ability to drill down into a single device, user, or group. A spike in activity will mean something different on a connected vehicle as it would for a mobile device, for example. Stay on top of these nuances by setting your own policies in granular detail, and ensure that any unusual behavior is alerted on immediately.

We offer a wide range of customizable solutions, from white-labelled technology, to managed services, in private or public networks. Ready to discuss your defense use case in confidence?

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